The Fence – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 19th of September – 2nd of October, 2016

The grass is always greener on the other side.
But with Perth’s Taffyworks, the grass is greener here.

From Kathleen Szalay’s Taffyworks comes a new multimedia dance work exploring this ageold proverb in a modern context. Aptly titled The Fence, Kathleen invites us to take a peek into the backyard of her home state in Maine, where the grass is indeed very green, and getting greener.

In Mandurah Performing Arts Centre we find three wooden boxes sitting side by side, with traces of a white picket fence in their design. As we peer into these boxes, we find in each a tablet screen and Kathleen dancing from one to another. Shot from birds eye view by independent Perth filmmaker Fionn Mulholland, we really do feel as though we’re looking in on the three different little worlds the dancer moves between.

Elise Reitze’s music completes this modern music box, subtly intertwining themes of childhood fantasy into haunting reverberations. We follow Kathleen between her boxes as the green becomes greener and both fireflies and shadows try to capture her attention and ours. What effect do we have as the one peering over the fence? Is it us invoking her longing? Or is she just a victim of her own curiosity?

The Fence installation will run from 19th September-2nd October in the foyer of Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Five special interactive performances will bring the installation to life at MPAC’s “A Swell Day Out” on Sunday, 25th September.

The Fence
When: 19th September – 2nd October (with performances 25th September)
Where: Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
Cost: FREE

For more info, contact Kathleen at 0424501167 or

This project has been funded by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and is supported by Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.


Fremantle Arts Centre Surfing Exhibition April 1st 2016

Elise Reitze’s sound design will be exhibited for an exhibition of surfing at Fremantle Arts Centre in Early April. Elise has collaborated with visual artist and fellow surfer, David Brophy to create an immersive barrel-like experience for their audience.

Tiny Dancer – Perth Cultural Centre October 20th – 23rd 7:30pm, 2015

Underneath the illumination of Perth Cultural Centre’s big screen, three performers begin to dance. Their live interactions soon traverse into imaginative realms within the screen, revealing their innermost desires – to belong, to be seen.

From Perth dance production company, Taffyworks comes a new public dance performance and film project, Tiny Dancer, presented by Drug Aware. Three dancers; Louise Henshall, Tarryn Runkel and Amy Wiseman move to the compelling sounds of Perth composer Elise Reitze. Surreal versions of the dancers come to life through film created by Fionn Mulholland, appearing on a projector manipulated by the dancers, and on the massive screen behind them.

The filmed portrayals of each dancer slowly reveal their complex characters, their relationships to one another and to their audience. What they openly display and choose to hide may have a great impact on who they become both within and outside the frame of the screen.

Taffyworks is the art child of American dance artist Kathleen Szalay. Now based in Perth, Kathleen creates site-specific & film-integrated dance works that have been described as darkly whimsical and richly accessible.

Following a presentation in Newcastle’s Crack Theatre Festival, Tiny Dancer will arrive in the Perth Cultural Centre October 20-23rd at 7:30pm each night. Tiny Dancer is a free public performance.

Tiny Dancer is proudly sponsored by Propel Youth Arts WA and Healthway to promote the Drug Aware message.
This project has been funded by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts.

KISS Club – CIA Studios November 13th 7:30pm, 2015

Elise Reitze will present her latest installation work ‘Adventure Tune’ which she developed during her studio residency at PICA.  Elise will discuss and demonstrate the interactive electronics used as well as ideas for future adaptations for 2016/2017.

Kiss Club November 2015 e-flyer