Elise Reitze is a Perth percussionist, composer, sound and electronics artist. In 2011 Elise performed at the Perth CHOGM opening ceremony with Percussion Ensemble ‘Defying Gravity’. In 2012 Elise completed an internship with Chris Brady (Brady drums). In 2013 Elise was selected 1 of 12 artists for the Perth Proximity Festival, in which she composed the one-on-one work ‘Ours’ for percussion, voice and electronics. Elise was commissioned to write a piece for ‘The Sound Collectors’ PICA residency in July 2014 which involved developing an entirely new form of interactive electronics in which players’ movement were tracked and used to dynamically controlled a lighting design she developed. In 2014, Elise formed the electronic percussion duo ‘feels’ with percussionist Rosie Taylor. Elise was an artist involved in the National Experimental Arts Forum, she performed her 2013 Proximity work ‘Ours’ as part of the 2015 CRINGE festival. Elise is currently working in collaboration with New York choreographer Kathleen Szalay, their latest work ‘Tiny Dancer’ has been performed at The Perth Cultural Centre, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Crack Theatre Festival and White Night Festival Melbourne over 2015 and 2016. In 2015, Elise completed a studio residency at PICA in which she developed and built her installation ‘Adventure Tune’ in consultation with electrical engineer Joshua Eggins. Elise completed a Bachelor of music in February 2016 majoring in composition. In early 2016 Elise was selected as an artist for the 2016 Perth International Arts Festival emerging artists lab program. Elise is immersed in many styles of art, mixing disciplines whenever she has the chance – with a particular interest for Percussion and electronics. As an artist Elise like to push boundaries using technology with  an ultimate goal of making it an extension of her work, and something to compliment her music and sound.


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